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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs should help answer any questions you may have regarding St.Scholastica Uzima Hospital services. Our goal is to inform you with the latest facts, issues and questions relating to our outpatient and maternity procedures, amenities and convenience provided to patients. If however, after reading through the questions, you have other questions or concerns, please call our Patient Administration Department. We're always happy to be of assistance.


Patient Administration Department representatives are glad to help you over the phone with any questions or concerns you may have about your bill. Hours of operation: 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Telephone: 0733 413 583 / 0718 061 200
Your hospital bill includes your daily room service, nursing care, meals, housekeeping, linen and other support services. Additional charges include services ordered by your physician, such as X-rays, Laboratory tests, medical supplies and therapeutic services.
You may pay your estimated bill in full on admission, and the balance on the final bill on discharge directly to our hospital cashiers. We accept CASH, MPESA via Paybill No. 880203 and insurance payment-(CIC, NHIF, and PACIS).


Please bring your insurance card on your visit. If you have any secondary insurance information, it is important to provide this information as well upon registration.
You should receive an explanation of benefits from your insurance carrier outlining how your claim was handled, including amount of payment, patient responsibility and/or denials. If there is a balance due from you, we will contact you immediately.
We encourage you to check with your insurance provider prior to your hospital visit. Some insurance carriers require pre- authorization or referral forms prior to the day of procedure. It is the patient’s responsibility to know whether or not they need to obtain pre-authorization or referral for their procedure. Some insurance providers will not pay for certain services, unless the service is pre-authorized.
You will be required to pay any difference, if any, between your verified insurance benefits and the estimated charges for your stay or procedure. This includes any deductible, co-payment, or coinsurance amounts as specified under the schedule of benefits of your insurance coverage.
This varies with each insurance company. Please contact your insurance company to obtain coverage information specific to your policy.
St.Scholastica Uzima Hospital provides itemized billing for all services rendered to individual patients. The frequency of billing can be agreed with the Hospital. Regular statements are sent to the parent organisation and clients can access them upon request. You can also visit the hospital's account department for inquiries.

Inpatient (Maternity Only)

During admission, you will be received by the receptionist who will then hand you over to the staff on duty for all the support and care needed.
We provide a standard balanced diet as per the hospital menu - 3 main meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Supper) and 2 snacks (10 a.m. & 4 p.m.). If you are on a special diet, your menu will be modified according to your doctor’s orders. We work closely with your nurse and physician to decide on the best nutritional therapy for your health condition. They are available for nutritional education or counseling. Patients are however not allowed to receive meals from outside. This is so as to monitor patients’ diet during their stay at the facility.
If you bring something of value, and it cannot be sent home, we suggest that you place it in the hospital safe during your stay in. The Hospital cannot be responsible for money, jewelry, credit cards or other valuables you choose to keep in your room or on your person. Inform the onsite administration staff if you need an item(s) secured.
We are located off Thika Super Highway, Exit 5, Survey of Kenya, behind St. Benedict Catholic church, near National Youth service.

The Benedictine sisters are available to provide pastoral care for patients, families and friends, especially during times of crisis, grief or loss. The Benedictine sisters are professionally trained and are part of holistic care.

Your Spiritual guide or leader can be contacted upon request.

We have daily morning devotions with all the staff and patients. We also celebrate the annual World Day of the Sick with special prayers, mass and anointing of the sick.

  1. To provide all personal and family health information needed to provide you with appropriate care. This includes reporting if you are in pain, or require pain relief.
  2. To participate to the best of your ability in making decisions about your medical treatment, and to comply with the agreed upon plan of care.
  3. To ask questions of your physician or other care providers when you do not understand any information or instructions.
  4. To inform your physician or other care provider if you desire a transfer of care to another physician, caregiver, or facility.
  5. To be considerate of others receiving and providing care.
  6. To observe facility policies and procedures, including those regarding smoking, noise, and number of visitors.
  7. To accept financial responsibility for health care services and to work cooperatively with UZIMA to resolve financial obligations.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

When it is time for you to leave the hospital, your doctor will write a discharge order. This order will specify when you should be released and any additional information about your care. On most days, discharge time is from 11 a.m., provided that your physician has written your discharge order.

The staff on duty will then give you a patient discharge instruction sheet and discuss it with you. These instructions include information about diet activities, medications, symptoms or problems to watch for, and other information you may need. If you have any questions about these discharge instructions, ask your doctor or nurse.

You'll be guided to clear your bill before being discharged.

We realize clients; their family members or visiting friends may experience problems or have concerns regarding a hospital stay. If for some reason your stay and care have not met your expectations, ask to speak with the Sister in Charge or Call the Hosipital on 0733 413 583 / 0718 061 200

One of our top strategic initiatives is service excellence; it is a visible way of ensuring we are providing the best possible experience for our clients. Your comments will help us learn if we are fulfilling our values. We encourage your feedback so that we may further our mission of healing service excellence.

We respect and understand that individuals may be concerned about privacy issues that surround access to health care services.

Patient records and personal information are extremely confidential We will never sell, trade, or rent personal information to other individual health care concerns, pharmaceutical entities or medical companies.

Yes. Anyone with a prescription or laboratory request from a qualified medical practitioner can access our services.